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Iranian Library


Mexico US Border

Animal Farm – Ralph Steadman

Illustration of ‘Animal Farm’ by Ralph Steadman. I love the work of Ralph Steadman for what he did with Hunter S Thompson’s work and the incredible images he created. He captures ‘Animal Farm’ brilliantly here. What a guy.

National Library of Belarus

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything about a building but here is another gem from the former Soviet Union. You have to admit that their public buildings were first class in terms of design and imagination, this is the National Library of Belarus.

Yugoslavian Monuments 3 – Macedonia

Yugoslavian Monuments 2

Yugoslavian Monuments

Here is a selection of concrete futuristic monuments from Yugoslavia which I personally think are fascinating. Not only do they look as if aliens have crash landed on earth but the sheer scale and uniqueness of the monuments is astounding. Unfortunately my knowledge of these monuments is limited all i know is that they’re in the former Yugoslavia and I’m guessing they were built between the 1950s and 1980s. Architecture and design such as this is just incredible but seems to be limited to former communist states, I’d love to see a modern day architect/artist take inspiration from this and create something amazing from it.


All these monuments are in the former Yugoslavia – from the top left corner – Podgaric, Kosmaj, Krusevo, ???, Mitrovica, Niksic

Cantona for President!

Having picked something random to be my first post, I immediately find something I want to talk about. Apparently ex-footballer Eric Cantona wants to be the next President of France. There is nothing i like more than a controversial and intriguing character in sport, and even though I’m a Liverpool fan and so tend not to favour ex-Man Utd players, I cannot help but to love Cantona. I also have a soft spot for any slightly mad and aloof politicians so this could be a perfect mix providing he doesn’t kung fu kick and innocent spectators. This recent episode only goes to prove how great he is and demonstrates that footballers can be interesting. He’s got my vote!


http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/16479880.stm – here is the bbcs report on the Cantona news